athenahealth - epocrates 
UX Research Intern
June 2021 - August 2021


As part of my internship, I led several research studies for their point-of-care medical app, epocrates, which is used by over 1 million health-care professionals across the country.

My Role
  • Conducted quantitative study using surveys on Qualtrics to collect information on effectiveness, usability, and satisfaction with the epocrates app and interface.

  • Led interviews with doctors to test out the global navigation of the new home screen. Used affinity mapping to gather insights and present results to stakeholders.

  • Created card sorting research plan to test the epocrates customer support workflow which changed the way in which users access help on the app


I was part of the epocrates UX Team which included 4 UX Designers and 3 UX Researchers. I was 1 of 2 UX Research Interns for the summer.

Learnings and Challenges
  • I learned that in a fast-paced research environment, being able to pivot the research goals and plans to meet timelines is not only very challenging but fairly common in the industry.

  • Balancing using both quantitative and qualitative data is essential; using both to complement each other is important for advocating for your research findings

  • Storytelling is one of the most important aspects of UX Research 

If you'd like to hear more about the projects I worked on, please contact me for more information!